Roof Inspection

There is always more than what meets the eye, especially when it comes to the integrity of your roof. Even a basic understanding of roofs only scratches the surface of all the potential issues that could be present without your knowledge. We are trained to identify these issues before they become major problems. BXC recommends that as a home or business owner, you are proactive in regards to the overall health of your roof. Generally, this can be done from the safety of the ground surrounding your home or business. If you notice any visual problems from the ground or simply want some reassurance on the status of your roof, contact BXC Roofing and schedule a complimentary roof inspection. We strongly encourage annual and seasonal inspections to be completed by a roofing professional even when you’re unable to identify issues yourself. Not only will your BXC representative know exactly what to look for, but they’re also trained to do so safely.

Storm, Hail & Wind

Hail and wind damage to a roof is often covered by insurance. We work closely with insurance companies to first identify the damage to see if your roof qualifies for replacement. If not addressed in a timely manner, storm damage can eventually cause leaks in your home. It is always best to have your roof inspected immediately after a storm or if you are worried a previous storm has already inflicted damage. We are here to provide you with a complimentary Roof Health Assessment.

Buying & Selling a Home

When you are buying or selling a home, it is very important to know the condition of the roof & how much life it may or may not have left. This can affect the selling price of the home. BXC Roofing often works hand in hand with homeowner’s and realtors on both the buying and selling side.

Validation of Insurability

Roofing insurability depends on various things, with age being the primary factor. Your insurance coverage can differ depending on the age of the roof. A newer roof may result in a lower rate, whereas a roof that is 20+ years old may not even be eligible for coverage or only be covered for its actual cash value.

What to Expect During a Roof Inspection

With storm damage, no matter the age of your roof, we will work with your insurance company to ensure that your replacement is covered if the damage is present. During an inspection, a BXC Roofing professional will come to your home at a time selected by you. He or she will safely climb on to the roof and assess the entire roof and other surrounding structures. If there are areas of damage or changes in the integrity of the roof, we will take pictures to review with you at this time. After review, if the recommendation is for replacement, we will walk with you step by step throughout the entire process until the roof is complete.