Residential Roofing

BXC Roofing is proud to provide East Texas with superior residential roofing products, craftsmanship, and service. Our goal is always to ensure that your home’s roof is strong enough to protect your family from the elements and provide prompt repairs when residential roofing problems arise. 

With the experience of our team, we are here to meet all of your residential roofing needs. We offer post storm inspections, emergency tarping, gutter maintenance, and full roof replacements. 

Most people have storm damage and do not even realize it until it is too late, such as a leak. If you have a leak or want to get ahead of it and would like a free inspection for peace of mind, give us a call. 

Our 5 Step Hassle-Free Roofing Process Includes

Step 1: Initial Inspection

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Our BXC Roofing professional will perform a complete diagnostic inspection of your roof. During this inspection, we will look for storm related damage, manufacturer defects, and installation errors (any combination of the three).

Once this inspection is complete, our BXC Roofing professional will present you (the home/business owner) with their findings in the form of photographs.

If the damages qualify you for a full replacement, we will go over a full replacement agreement which is completely contingent upon insurance approval. Our professional will then help guide the process of filing the insurance claim.

Step 2: Adjuster Meeting

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Once the claim is filed with the assistance of a BXC Roofing professional, a representative from your insurance company will contact you within 24-48 hours. This call will be to schedule the adjuster’s meeting.

Schedule the meeting for a time of your convenience. Please be sure to contact your BXC Roofing professional to ensure that you have the proper representation during the meeting to receive full-replacement of your damaged property (roof, attachments, gutters, fence etc.).

During this meeting, your roofing professional and the adjuster will access your roof and agree upon a scope of work to be completed (roof, attachments, gutters, etc.)

Step 3: Shingle Colors!

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Your roof should be approved by insurance at this time. You should have an adjuster’s report as well as the first of two insurance checks.

There should now be a meeting scheduled for your BXC Roofing professional to come to your home and assist you in selecting shingle/gutter colors.

At this meeting, you will discuss any concerns/extra precautions that need to be taken to ensure complete satisfaction.

We accept the adjuster’s report and the first insurance check (ACV) to order materials and place you on our schedule.

Step 4: Installation

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Please refer to your Homeowners Checklist that is located within your BXC Roofing folder. 

Remember, your deductible along with payment for any upgrades is due at the time that your new roofing system is being installed.

Step 5: Final

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At this point your roofing system is complete.

BXC Roofing will invoice your insurance company to let them know that your job is completed and that your deductible has been paid. Insurance will then release the final check (depreciation along with any supplements).

Once this check is received, your BXC Roofing professional will come perform a final inspection along with the homeowner to ensure complete satisfaction.

When complete satisfaction is reached, you will then release the final insurance check to BXC Roofing.  Your warranty will go into effect the day we receive your final check.